Thursday, May 16, 2013

Thursday Packing

Thursday, Thursday, Thursday....

Let's see. First off, I went to a little clothing swap last night a got rid of a bunch of clothing items, many of which I've kept for far too long. It was a still a little sad to see my capris from 7th grade go, but when I can easily shimmy out of something, the time has come for me to admit to myself that what I'm wearing is simply not the right size for me any more. Sometimes the fact that I'm more slender now than I was in 7th grade seems odd to me, as the weight difference between then and now isn't more than  twenty pounds, but I really look quite different. The capris aside, I still have one or two other items from 7th grade to hold on to for a little while yet (namely a little tan jacket that has seen better days).

Today is my last day to finalize my preparations for Havasupai since we'll pretty much be leaving right after work tomorrow for St. George. I think I have everything I need now, but I still need to lay it all out and firmly decide what is and isn't going. Packing clothing is always tricky for me as I can always come up with a dozen situations where a dozen different items might be useful. But in all likelihood  I won't need those items and bringing them will just weigh me down.

It's almost here! Exciting!

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