Thursday, May 30, 2013

St. Louis Bound! (In about 12 hours....)

Last night Brandon and I headed over to Ab's Drive-In for dinner. I wasn't really in a hamburger mood so I went for the fish sticks and fries. The fish sticks were pretty typical, but the fries were absolutely delicious. Brandon sported a t-shirt and shorts with dress shoes. Shnazy. ;)

Sewing on the sleeve.

Tonight we head for St. Louis for my cousin Missy's wedding. I finished the green dress I was working on (pictures to come from this weekend hopefully) and I'm all packed and ready to go. There are three direct flights today and I'm shooting for the last one (the one which Brandon has a ticket on). It's always a little risky going for the last flight, but there appear to be plenty of seats and I'll honestly be really surprised if they all fill up. It's just hard to imagine that there will be a huge rush from Salt Lake City to St. Louis on a Thursday evening. But you never know...

I get to see my family in just a few hours! :)

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