Monday, May 27, 2013

Quick Recap on the Weekend

Friday: Cheesecake Factory! No pictures of this as it was far too dark in the restaurant, but Brandon and I finally used the gift card I got at work several weeks ago. Delicious food and cheesecake! We also wandered and I bought some rock sugar from Teavana (to go with my delicious Berry Kiwi Colada tea!)

Saturday I spent a great deal of time working on that gold dress. Turns out that I made just a few too many risky guesses and the proportions are still a bit off. It still needs some work. But I'm mostly interested in trying with the green dress first and coming back to the gold. I've been watching Doctor Who again with my sewing and it is quite enjoyable. :)

In the evening we went and grabbed some grilled cheese sandwiches and shakes from Iceberg. We ordered, "Mini" shakes. This was mini:

From there we headed to the Real Soccer Stadium for our first Real Soccer Game! We were there for the loud excited score by the SLR and then Chicago snuck a goal in as we were leaving for West Coast. It was nice to get to West Coast after missing it last week (and next week - though we might get a bit of dancing in at the wedding reception!).

Yesterday (Sunday) was pretty tame. We finally watched The Goblet of Fire again (to see David Tennant as Barty Crouch Jr.).

And today! Looks to be a pretty laid back Memorial Day for me. :)

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