Monday, May 6, 2013

May! And I'm missing it!

Oh hey! It's been a whole week since I last posted. I just haven't felt...up to it...the last few days, but I'm pushing through that today. :)

Highlights from the last week:

Last Tuesday: Really a highlight from the 29th, I signed up for the Legacy Midnight Half Marathon happening this July. Should be fun!

Last Wednesday: May 1st and it looked like this:

Last Thursday: Went to dinner with Brandon's roommates and friends while he was playing tennis (California Pizza Kitchen!) and then he caught up with us and we all went and saw Iron Man 3. And it was really good! I enjoyed the first movie, wasn't super enthused by the second movie, but probably liked the third movie most.

Last Friday: Friday I made dinner and it was surprisingly delicious! It was a very simple recipe that just called for about 3-4 chicken breasts, chopped potatoes, and broccoli, all laid out in a casserole dish, sprinkled with Italian dressing spice mix, and a stick of butter. I had everything ready beforehand and just threw it together and covered it and popped it in the oven (350 - if I'm reading this later and don't remember!). My expectations were pretty reasonable. I thought it would be good but pretty average. But shortly after Brandon arrived we took it out to check on it and it looked incredible. So pretty! And it was delicious! Top that off with some Welch's Sparkling White grape juice and fantastic store bought sea salt caramel gelato and we were pretty much set for the evening.

Last Saturday: Happy Anniversary to Carina and Dathan! Twelve years! We "celebrated" by doing our usual thing and going West Coast Swing dancing after grabbing some pho for dinner.

Yesterday (Sunday): Havasupai planning! After church, Zach, Emily, Cameron, and younger Emily came over and we planned out our schedule and packing needs for a trip to Havasupai coming up in a few weeks. Accompanied by a delicious dinner and games. :)

Today!: This morning I had an eye exam and got my prescription updated. :) And bought contacts that should last me through the end of the year...They're a slightly different contact variation from the last batch and at least so far this morning, they're very comfortable.

No plans yet for this evening, but lots of fun things brewing for this weekend!

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