Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Mambo No. 5?

Once upon a time...when I was a freshman or sophomore in high school...something like ten years ago, I was asked by a good friend to go with her cousin to a dance at another high school. He was way too shy to ask me, thus the reason she was asking. I consented and we doubled with her and another date. I'd met him before but had never spoken to him before. The reason for this became readily apparent as during the course of the evening he answered most questions with a simple yes or no. Trying to work on this, I finally discovered during the course of one slow dance that he was very interested in basketball (which made sense as he was quite tall) and that if I asked him non-yes-or-no-answer questions that I would get non-yes-or-no answers. It worked like a charm.

That anecdote aside, at the same dance, where the music consisted of terrible techno-pop and even more awful slow-dance music, I went and asked the DJ to play Mambo No. 5. You see, as another friend's parents taught ballroom dance, I had learned a line dance to Mambo No. 5 years before. Given that the forms of dance apparently available to me at that particular dance were rather boring and repetitive, I wanted something a little more fun to dance to. But the DJ's response? No way was he going to play that old song. I think he later played something sort of latin-ish and we were able to dance our line dance, but it just wasn't the same. I don't even particularly like Mambo No. 5 as the lyrics are highly uninspiring, but the beat and tempo are excellent for this particular dance.

Why bring any of this up? Well, because twice in the last 24 hours I've heard Mambo No. 5 on the radio. Not on "oldies" stations, but on "favorites" and "all the rage" stations. In your face too-cool-for Mambo-No.-5-DJ.

Other highlights of yesterday include two trips to DI on the hunt for some dresses to pull to pieces and put back together. The first trip resulted in no dresses, but one beautiful velvet coat. I already have a shorter version of the same thing, but for $6.00 I wasn't about to pass up on a longer version. Worst case scenario, I fix the small defects (buttons starting to come off) and gift it to someone else who will appreciate the classiness of it. The second trip resulted in three dresses, one which is ready to go, just a comfortable floor length maxi dress (I swear I've been looking for a dress like this everywhere and have been failing to find it - and now I find it at DI? Perfect.) and two which are made of beautiful cloth and just need a little restructuring to make them wonderful. Should be fun! I'll have at least one of them done by the end of the month when we go to St. Louis for my cousins wedding, so pictures to come!

Last highlight! I bought a headlamp yesterday! :)

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