Monday, May 13, 2013

A Week in a Post!

Recap on last Tuesday - do you know that I only had to try on two swimsuit tops before I found one that fit? When I told the lady at the store my bra size she immediately went into challenge mode looking around the entire store (Athleta) for something that would work and only came up with two options the first try. The first one was terrible, but the second was right on. I like what I ended up with, but I wish they'd had more selection.

Also, I've reformed my swim suit philosophy slightly. I very firmly believe that unless you're a child or a professional swimmer, one pieces are the bane of swimsuit existence. No, I do not want to peel a wet swimsuit down my entire body just to use the restroom. And in addition to that, the less sopping wet cloth you've got attached to you after swimming, the better. Thus, tankinis are ok (and sometimes, depending on where you are physically in life - they're just going to be more emotionally satisfying), but I really prefer the bikini top and swim shorts on bottom. A last point, however, for bikini tops, though I really like the idea of having a swim top that is bra sized and exactly my size, I don't like it when swim suit tops just look like regular bras....because then I just end up feeling like I'm wearing a bra instead of a swim suit. Apparently my way of getting around that, at least mentally, is purchasing bikini tops that are more like sports bras than regular bras. So there you go.

Wednesday after work ended up being a very social day. I met up with three different small groups of women and would have loved to have stayed longer with any one of those groups if I hadn't had plans to see the other two. I don't spend a great deal of time solely with women, but it was nice. Brandon wasn't feeling particularly awesome (he's been less than 100% for the last few days), so we stayed in and lounged.

Thursday...was pretty nondescript. I think I had plans to do things, to be active, and my motivation dried up rather quickly and I ended up taking a nap. :)

Friday! We got together with some friends (Tara and Farris from West Coast Swing) and went to Sawadee with them for dinner. We then met up with them again a little later at Tara's brother's house where he was throwing a Blues house party. I generally prefer dancing where I have lots of room to move and be expressive in a large way, but there was something surprisingly intimate about dancing with Brandon in the middle of a small crowded room.

Saturday! We got together a little early to go shopping for some of our meals for Havasupai (MREs and Freeze Dried meals - woohoo!) and then enjoyed our Thai leftovers before heading to West Coast. I don't know what it was this weekend, but the dancing was particularly fun, both Blues and West Coast. Saturday evening I felt like I just enjoyed what I was doing a little more than usual - and I usually enjoy it quite a lot. I think one detail that influenced this was that I switched from my usual heels to some knock off converse and it was just so much easier to move in the flats. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy the style of dancing in heels, and I'm sure I look classier in my heels, but the flats made it easier to fly across the floor. :)

Sunday. :) A Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers out there, mine in particular. Salmon for dinner, yum! And Brazilian lemonade in the late evening.

And now here we are at Monday. I've no idea what my plans are for after work, but I bought a book on Saturday (Neverwhere) and I wouldn't mind getting into that a bit more.

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