Monday, April 29, 2013

Weekend Recap - Flowers, Frisbee, and Showers

It's been a fairly easy going weekend this go around!

Brandon arrived home from work just as I was pulling up and he parked in his car port and then snuck around the side of the house, hiding something behind his back as he peeked at me gathering my stuff from my car to come in. What was he hiding? These. Almost three days later and they're still beautiful.

Brandon and I went and explored the Gorge near his house after dinner at Costa Vida with his roomies. There are two parts to that gorge, the park, and the dog park. We went on a walk through the dog park - and it was really cool! Aside from being surprisingly beautiful and well kept, there were tons of people there walking their dogs. So many people! So many dogs! After a long cold winter where most people stayed in doors as much as they could, it was surprisingly pleasant to see all the activity in the outdoors. And the dogs were pretty fun to watch. It's amazing how far they'll go to retrieve a stick....

Saturday morning we finally got some Ultimate Frisbee in. Playing with a new group, most of what I ended up doing was just running around the field defending and distracting players. I didn't get a lot of actual time with the frisbee, and while I still had a good time and felt like I was effective as a team player, I'll have to work on uping my frisbee time. ;)

On Thursday evening I got a message from one of my friends growing up (I've known her since 3rd grade when we moved to Indiana) inviting me to her baby shower that Saturday if I was in the area. So that was my surprise treat for Saturday, getting to see her, her sister, and her mom! So fun. :)

In the evening, after missing that last two Saturday West Coast Swing, we finally made it out to dance. And got bumped up to the level three class (there are three classes and we went to level one the first time and have been attending level two until this last time)! It was all focused on technique  Really good for us but somewhat intimidating!

And then yesterday, Sunday, we relaxed at the house after church and took things easy. We stole away to get some fresh air just before sunset and threw a frisbee around in the park until our bare feet were numb from the cold ground (the air was warm but the ground, not so much!). We drove back to Brandon's with all the windows down and the sunroof down as well and everything just felt very fresh and rejuvenating. It's nice to have the winter past us.

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