Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Weekend plans! Getting excited!

I've been looking over the plans for this weekend today and I have to admit that I'm pretty excited! This Friday I'm going to the Salt Lake City Marathon Expo with several friends and then out to dinner at Tuccis Cucina Italiana (pre-race dinner!). Then Saturday morning early early at 7:00 the Half-Marathon starts, followed by a massage at noon, followed by adventures with Brandon at the Salt Lake City Hari Krishna Festival of Colors, followed by West Coast Swing Dance in the evening if we have any energy left. Which we may not. ;)

And it's my nephew Felix's birthday on Saturday. :)

And somewhere in all of that, I'll also be studying for my Physics final exam. Good stuff. :) I'm sure you'll hear more about all of it as the week progresses.

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