Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Tuesday, what have you got for me?

Recap from yesterday's run:

I grossly underestimated the weather. True, my best and favorite runs have been when it has been lightly sprinkling, but I neglected to consider a couple of other factors from yesterday's weather before going out for my run. Notably, the fact that it was more raining than sprinkling, the temperature was 40 to 43 degrees, and the wind was brutal.

Point and fact, today:

High Wind Warning in Utah

Exactly. And did I mention that it is now 31 degrees?

With a tiny bit of foresight,  rather than simply heading out in my capris and t-shirt as originally planned, I opted for my longer running leggings, my t-shirt, a long sleeve shirt, a hoodie, a warm head band, and gloves. 

At first, when I set out, I was worried the hoodie might have been overkill. I was a little overly warm. But as I settled into the run, I became more and more thankful for the hoodie for simply keeping the dampest layer a little farther removed from my skin than it would otherwise be.

I ran South and then East for the first four and a half miles and the run wasn't bad. I'd altered my path a little to avoid the worst of the hills, so I didn't quite make it to the five mile mark before I turned around. And when I did turn around, I was very thankful for this fact because, where I had sort of thought the wind was blowing at me from my side on the way down, it turns out that it was pretty much at my back. Headed on the return, the wind and rain were blowing right at me. Within five minutes of turning around I texted Brandon and told him that, if he happened to be heading in this direction yet (he'd planned to come over before too long), he was welcome to come find me via Google Latitude (awesome app, by the way) and pick me up. I was done. He said he was just leaving work and I continued the uphill trek against the wind and rain. 

Between the traffic being pretty bad and Latitude not automatically updating, it wasn't until I had less than a mile left to go that Brandon finally reached me. But, goodness, I was glad to see him. He pulled up and I got in and happily smiled at not having to run that last mile and instead being able to focus on returning feeling my my frozen cold hands.

(A plus from the run is that I've now discovered a fairly decent biking path to my work.)

A hot shower and some quesadillas later and I was much happier. :) 8 miles!

Also, I went to Brandon's soccer game last night (it started at 10:40 - so late!) and his team won. :)

And then there's today...possible highlights for the day may include:

-Jody's ZuppaTouscana that she brought in for me for lunch. 
-Going to the gym with Brandon (racquetball, sauna, steam room, hot tub!)

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