Friday, April 26, 2013

The End of Physics.

Oh, hey! Sorry I've missed a few days. Things have been crazy 'round here!

Let's see. Wednesday's highlight was the completion of my final for my Physics class. Hours upon hours upon hours of studying and I did ok. Not awesome, but ok. But more than anything, I'm just so happy to be done.

The highlight for yesterday was finishing up a busy day at work and having absolutely nothing on my plate for the evening. A first in a long time. I had options for things I could do, but I just ended up Skyping with my sister and chatting with a friend until I went to bed. It felt so good to just relax.

Today is very quiet in the office! I think Brandon and I are going to explore a gorge near his house this evening and maybe do a little geocaching there before or after grabbing dinner. Should be fun!

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