Sunday, April 21, 2013

Saturday, complete!

I'm home! In my bed! And it feels good to be here.

But how was my Saturday? Fantastic. :)

Let's see. It started at the ripe hour of 5:00 in the morning when I got up to force down an English muffin with peanut butter (few things taste appetizing at that time in the morning). Yuck. I was going to eat a banana too, but it was so rough going with the English muffin that I just didn't even bother with the banana. Also, did I mention that it was raining pretty heavily outside? Not pouring, but close.

At 6:15 Brandon, sweet man that he is, drove and dropped me off near the race start at the University of Utah. I met Amy and the others there and we hopped around trying to keep warm in the rain (slightly less drizzly at this point), basking in the warmth of a light exhaust pipe (healthy - I know) (Also - random tangent - as I waited for Amy, I took a picture for two random women and as I was handing their cameras back, one of the official camera guys came along and told us (the three of us) to get together for a picture. Spontaneously we did, so somewhere out there is a random picture of me with three random women!). 7:00 drew near remarkably quickly and we got into the middle of the start pack, closer to the front of the crowd. I ended up not listening to anything at all during the run until that last minute or so, though I had my ear buds in the entire time...

And we were off! Three miles passed in a blur (I texted Brandon every mile to give him a good idea of where we were and what our pace was, along with taking a picture every mile until the rain was bad enough that I no longer wanted to) and who did we find waiting charmingly for us at there, near his house? Brandon! :) A few pictures, gloves for Amy, and we took off again. Around the five mile mark in Sugar House park we ran into Justin and Lindsey waiting for us and took a few more pictures before heading out for the bulk of the run. Around seven miles in, I decided that I needed to use the restroom and ran ahead of Amy to the next porta-potty row and got in line. A long slow line. She reached me well before I was even remotely close to front of the line and I quickly ran ahead again to the next restrooms. Long line again! Three times a charm, on the third attempt I was able to find a restroom line that was quick and made it out before Amy had been cooling her heels for more than a minute or two.


Ten miles, eleven miles, at this point my hands, which were covered in some light gloves, started to no longer be managing the soaked cloth against them very well. For that matter, the rest of me wasn't really thrilled at the soaked state of my apparel, but everything but my hands seemed to be managing. The last mile marker was at twelve miles and then suddenly we were in Liberty Park and the finish line was right in front of us! I barely had time to press play on my sprinting song (Session by Linkin Park) and sprint away the last hundred yards or so to the finish line! Crazy!

Once across the finish line, I scanned around for Brandon, returned to the start line to see Amy cross and found him there near Justin and Lindsey (a coincidence as they hadn't been standing with each other but had only just happened into one another). Amy, Justin, and Lindsey disappeared at that point (Amy had seen a friend she knew and they'd gone over to say hello) and Brandon helped me to remove the outside drenched shirt layer before whipping out a soft blue blanket to bundle me and, after a moment of not being able to find Amy in the crowd, lead me back to his car so we could head back to his house. I was doing alright, but most of me was numb and my hands were particularly frozen.

Sitting in the car was wonderful! Dry and warming up! But the best was yet to come as I quickly got into a hot bath once back at his place. There's nothing quite like a bath to really warm you up. We dashed over to Over the Counter Cafe for a quick victory breakfast with Dallin and Grant before I again rushed off to my massage appointment. It had been awhile since my last proper massage and between that gap in time and my slightly aching body from the run, the massage was incredible.

Late breakfast conversations. 

And the fun didn't stop there! At Brandon's again, we lounged for about an hour before heading to the Krishna Temple in Salt Lake where they were having their Festival of Colors. We arrived just in time for a throwing of colors and enjoyed the festivities a bit more before heading home.

Most awesome photo bomb. :)

Cleaned up a second time, we opted to pass on West Coast for the evening  (which ended up being a very good call - both of us were tired and either slightly sick (Brandon) or achy and sore (me). It's definitely more fun to dance when we feel well and energized!) and ended up just relaxing and taking things easy.

I've only posted a handful of photos from the day! If you'd like to see more of them, they're mostly posted on facebook. :)

Long but fun day!

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