Monday, April 8, 2013

Rainy Monday...Run?

Well, my Saturday morning run fizzled quickly as I lingered a little longer than I could afford to in my warm cozy bed and then never made it out. As a result, I've pushed my ten mile run to today, this afternoon immediately following work. It's rainy outside and I've decided that that is perfect.

I've never been one to train carrying food or water for my runs. I haven't often trained consistently for my half marathons and gotten up to these distances, but I feel confident I'll be alright without taking anything. Food I've never eaten during a race, water/Gatorade I've only ever had during races and not regular runs. Past the ten mile mark, I know those things can start to become necessary, but again, I think I'll be good today. Particularly as a result of the rain. I know it will keep my body cool and I'll lose less fluids from the start.

And then there's the question of what to wear...I'm thinking just a t-shirt and capris, like I normally would, but if it's cold...maybe a jacket? Hmm...

Highlight from yesterday: First attempt at Mingau de Aveia. I neglected to pop by the grocery store for some oatmeal so we ad-libed and tried it with cream of wheat. So, essentially it was just cream of wheat, white sugar, milk, and cinnamon cooked in a pot on the stove....Brandon remembers it being a pretty soupy consistency with a white color. Our variation ended up being pretty much identical to cream of wheat and very brown due to the half tablespoon of cinnamon that the recipe called for. Next time, oatmeal, milk, sugar. Cinnamon sprinkled a little on top. I'm still not sure how it will vary from regular oatmeal, but I guess I'll have to wait and find out!

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