Thursday, April 4, 2013

Highlights of Life! Starting with April!

One of my friends keeps a blog with another of her friends and this morning she posted about writing down one simple thing from each day that was a highlight of that day. Given the way life seems to rush past, I think this is a marvelous idea to catch some of the wonderful things that might go unnoticed. That's partly why I like the idea of blogging and journal writing so much. Given that my resolve to do those things has waned lately, I'm not certain who solidly this idea will hold. Ideally  I'd love to blog daily, to journal the wonderful things that happen to me on a day to day basis so I can be reminded of them, but I may have to compromise with a weekly blog that gives a small highlight from each day, simple and brief. I guess we'll see what happens!

April 1st: No one played a single April Fools Day Prank on me. :) I definitely consider that a highlight of the day. Don't get me wrong - I love playing pranks - but I hate having to spend an entire day being wary of them, and I don't appreciate immature mean pranks, very typical of the day. None of that for my April 1st! Also, apparently whenever Brandon sees the word "cacao" he thinks of me. :) He surprised me in the evening with a delicious chocolate bar he'd gotten at work. Sharffen Berger Sea Salted Almonds and Milk Chocolate. Yum! And, of course, he also patiently studied with me for most of the evening.

April 2nd: I bought my first airplane ticket for someone close to me. I'd originally planned on getting one for myself, but decided not to in favor of saving a little money and just accompanying via standby. A little risky, but we'll see how it goes. I also snagged a clementine out of the air. I wasn't expecting it, wasn't even looking at it when I caught it, missed it with my left hand, but then snagged it with my right hand. It was cool. One of those moments where I knew the odds weren't in favor of me catching it, but I defied those odds and did my own thing. My random thought for the day was that I am apparently no longer accustomed to spaghetti pasta. I'm more used to angel hair pasta now, so spaghetti comes across as surprisingly thick. I think I prefer angel hair...

April 3rd: After about two weeks of studying with Brandon (I'm so thankful for his patience with the time it takes! Not to mention my occasionally stressed induced moodiness...) I finally took the second part of my work day off, went to the Salt Lake Testing Center, went through all of the material I could review in the time I had, and it went it to take my third Physics test. After two abysmally failing test scores, again - the lowest I have ever received in my life, I actually did relatively well, all things considered. I'm accustomed to getting As and Bs on most things, and I got a C on this test. The result - a conflict of emotions. On the one hand, as I'm used to the higher grades, I wanted my score to reflect all of the work I'd put in to studying, as the previous two scores had clearly not. I wanted it to be higher in comparison to the comprehension of the material I'd had walking into the test. I wanted that high grade. But at the same time, since my resulting score was still many times over higher than my last two scores, I couldn't help but be happy and relieved by what I'd gotten. Definitely a highlight of the day.

April 4th: Today is still young! It hasn't even reached midday yet. One possible highlight is that a very large group of travel document wallets I've been working on for at least the last two weeks finally went out yesterday! Better still, from the sound of it, when they went through each wallet to double check the many items to make sure they were all correctly matched up (as I was off studying for my test), there weren't any mistakes or mismatches. It's easy to make mistakes when you are constantly putting together these docs, even when they only have two or three items. For example, I accidentally swapped the travel documents and tags between two docs last week so that the inside content didn't match the outside label. Two documents and very simple contents and I could make that mistake! And yet, here we are, several hundred docs mailed, with seven or eight complex items in each, and it would appear that I got them all correct. All the time and work I spent going over them and checking them again and again paid off. Such a good feeling.

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