Monday, April 22, 2013

Good morning, Monday!


Highlight from yesterday: Macaroni and Cheese for dinner. Nothing special, but there's something wonderfully comfortable about simple mac 'n cheese. And Cinnamon Rolls for dessert!

Anti-highlight: I was supposed to skype with my sister yesterday evening but between Brandon not feeling well and me doing everything I could to make him feel better, I completely, 100% spaced. And unusual of unusual, I didn't have my phone out by me to notify me when she sent me a message to see if I was ready to skype. Sometime I need to coordinate these things better...because that's exactly the kind of forgetfulness that I was venting about on Thursday! No good! I still feel pretty terrible about it....

Things are pretty quiet here at the office with most of our people out hosting a huge group we've got going on a cruise. We're down to four here and we'll only have two on Friday! Craziness! I was feeling fairly crummy last night and this morning but I didn't want to leave the office even more understaffed and I knew I'd be more productive here at the office during my down time. Which is important as my final for physics is coming up quickly! And with a little herbal tea, a warm corn bag, and something to occupy my time and thoughts, I already feel quite a bit better. :)

Let's looks to be pretty uneventful. Work, study, work, study, home, study. Soccer game, study? We'll see. :) I feel about 95% recovered from the half so as soon as I finish this final, I'll get back to running. Running takes a fair amount of time, but when you have time for it, it really can be fun.

So...I'm thinking, post-half-marathon, that I'm mentally ready, and fairly close physically, to run a marathon. I was looking at a list of marathons in Utah last Friday and I found one that is coming up on September 14th this year. It is entirely downhill with a 5000 ft drop in total over 26.2 miles. It's probably the easiest marathon out there (though fairly hard on your joints), but still meets all the qualifications as a qualifier for the Boston Marathon. I'm not planning on running the Boston Marathon, but it at least gives some weight to the quality of this marathon. It's a bit of a distance out as far as time is concerned, but hopefully nothing will get in the way of it happening. I might sign up today!

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