Friday, April 12, 2013

Friday! It's here!

Let's see highlight for the day....well, it is Friday, so that's a definite highlight, plus I've pretty much finished putting up and labeling most of over 500 family photos and documents to Facebook that I scanned over two years ago. I'm not really sure what my plan of action was with them before, but I feel like I've finally done something with them...

Other pluses include that tonight Brandon and I are going to try making some new corn bags (finally). I got my sewing machine out, plus the fabric, cinnamon sticks, cloves, and corn and now I just have to hope that my sewing machine doesn't give us too much grief...and I suppose I should check to make sure I have thread in the correct colors... along with that, I think we're going to have pizza and popcorn, and attempt to watch From Up on Poppy Hill.

Interesting note from Facebook. I have a friend who declared that she was going to delete her account on Facebook, and act which I respect and understand, but something I will never do. Why not? Because I have posted thousands of photos to facebook and if I deactivate my account, whisked away along with me are my photos. Granted, they instantly reappear if I get back on, but to some extent, Facebook is my method of visually staying in contact with my family when I can't be with them face to face. Thus, photos.

Lastly, the most fantastic highlight of my day was reading a story my grandmother wrote down from years ago. Here it is:

Grandma Gini and The Quail 
One afternoon Grandma Gini was sitting at her dining table writing letters. Grandpa had flown his plane to Wenatchee to have some maintenance work done. Grandma was half listening for the airplane to return as she wrote. 
After awhile, from a distance, she did hear a plane. It didn't quite sound like Grandpa's, but, she thought, "Ill just go outside and look" - The planes fly right over the house to go to the local airport.

So, she opened the foor to step out on the porch. As she did so, a shrub beside the porch exploded - or so it seemed - with a covet of quail. With whirring wings and startled calls, they flew to a fir tree a short distance away.

Needless to say, Grandma was startled too! She almost forgot to look at the plane - which wasn't Grandpa's.

Grandma went back inside. As she started to close the door, she noticed a little quail on the floor by the door. It had flown the wrong direction and come through the open door.
"Oh dear," thought Grandma. "Now what shall I do." She didn't want to hurt the little bird and she knew it would be scared. 
So she got a broom. She said - to herself - and the bird - "Maybe if I scoot it with the broom it will fly out the open door." 
Well - quail don't like to be out in the open when tehy think they're in danger - so the little quail didn't want to go out in the open - it wanted to hide. Instead of flying out the door, it flew across the room and found a place that was dark and hidden - behind the piano! 
Grandma didn't think that was a very good hiding place - she thought, "Oh my NOW how am I going to get that quail out!" The piano is too heavy to move and is difficult to get behind it. So - she stood on the piano bench. Turned the piano light so it shone behind the piano - and spied the poor little bird. She leaned over and stuck the broom handle behind the piano and gently shoved the little quail to the corner and around the side. As it got out in the open it flew off. Do you think it went out the door? No! It flew across the room to the top of the mini-blinds on the window. As Grandma crossed the room with the broom upraised, the quail flew down behind the sofa.
So - Grandma thought, "That isn't a very good place to hide." She put down the broom and moved a rocking chair. Then she moved an end table so she could move the sofa. As she pushed the sofa out into the room, the frightened little quail felt it's hiding place being found and took off again. Not out the open door, no, but across the room to the wall unit, and behind the radio amplifier on a shelf.Now Grandma was becoming quite frustrated. She was afraid to leave it there - since it was such a strange place the quail might not come out - and might die!
So - she carefully moved the amplifier, and reached behind it - into the tangle of stereo wires. She could feel the little feathered body as it crept farther back into the corner. Every time she got it out a little it would scurry back into the corner. She finally turned the amplifier sideways (and pulled out some wire connections) - and scooted it out along the side of the amplifier. The little quail saw light - and took off. 
Did it fly out the door? No. It flew back behind the sofa again.
So - Grandma moved the sofa some more - the little quail looked at grandma - it was so afraid - and Grandma said, "I won't hurt you. Please fly outside." But that didn't look like safety to the little quail, so it flew off across the room again, to a shelf of the wall units, behind a big copper pitcher. 
Grandma looked at it and thought, "Maybe I can capture it here." So she went into the kitchen and got a big colander. The little quail crouched in the corner. Grandma slowly moved the big pitcher and at the same time put the colander down over the quail. Then she got a big flat book from another shelf and held it against the shelf where the quail was. Grandma very carefully and slowly moved the colander with the little quail under it over onto the book. Then, holding it very carefully, she walked across the room and out the door, pulling it shut as she went. She walked down the steps and carefully laid the book on the grass. Then she moved the colander. The poor little quail huddled on the book - still trying to hide. Grandma said, "Go! Go! Fly away to your family." It sat there a few seconds - then flew off to the fir tree. 
"Thank goodness," thought Grandma, "I hope it found its family." 
She went back into the house, and had a cup of tea. It had been an exciting and worrisome afternoon. 
Just then, she heard another plane coming over. She opened the door very carefully, went outside, and closed the door (quickly!). It was Grandpa, flying over the house, on his way home.

See? Isn't that wonderful?

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