Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A Cream of Wheat Morning - Warm and Delicious!

Good morning! And a happy Tuesday to you too.

Yesterday was quite bizarre as far as weather was concerned. As I mentioned, I left to a thin layer of snow everywhere and as the morning went by it continued to seem fairly miserable outside, snow gently falling and the temperature remaining pretty low. However, as the afternoon wore on, the sun came out and the temperature went up and the weather turned into something resembling perfect running weather. So I was able to change into my running home, rush home to drop off my car, and run my way the six miles to Brandon's soccer game. :)

Which was rather heated, by the way! The goalie on the opposing team was like an ox bulldozing through players, fouling them all over the place and to match that we had a rather feisty player on our team who wasn't willing to just take it. Long story short, the game ended two minutes early with at least two red cards pulled on our side. There was definitely a moment when I worried there would be a fight, particularly when the bully goalie had our feisty man in a headlock. Who does that? There is absolutely no excuse for doing something like that at a soccer game! But everything wrapped up pretty quick.

And we left to one the more unhealthy dinners I've had in awhile - hot chocolate, virgin strawberry daiquiri, deep fried cheese cake, and fish and chips. :) Hopefully I'll be able to attack healthier foods today...like the cream of what I had for breakfast...

Today looks to be quite....productive. After work I head down to my final final lab (make-up for one I missed) and then running with Cami. :)

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