Thursday, March 7, 2013

Unhappy to Happy

Today was a terrible day. There were highlights of normal, good, whimsical, and comical, but it wasn't a good day. The stress had been piling rather high over the last week concerning an exam I had to take. I finally took it today and, despite my best efforts, came away with the lowest score I have ever received on a test. Really. And after all that time spent studying!

Needless to say, following said exam I wasn't in the best of places. A good conversation with my wonderful supportive parents later and I was in a slightly better place.

However, somehow after a terrible day, Brandon, my incredible man that he is, was able to take my unhappy state and make me happy. While I borrowed his bath for a hot soak he (lighting a candle to add to the relaxing mood as he dashed from the bathroom) whisked away to procure some delicious edibles (Sawadee! Thai! Custard and Sweet Sticky Rice!). All forms of candy and dessert at my disposal, several episodes of Big Bang Theory, and some quality time spent in his company, and I was chipper as can be.

Is he wonderful? Yes, he is.

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