Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Temporary Physics Tutor?

As the handful of you who read this know, I've been struggling more with my physics class than I have with just about anything else I've ever done. It's rough. I need a tutor. Easy if I were down in Provo, difficult up here in Salt Lake.

However, at least for these couple of chapters that I'm currently poring over that all deal with light and optics (as opposed to the ones just before this that were all about circuits and different types of current), things have had a remarkable turn up in comprehension. Who/what do I have to blame for this?

Brandon, of course.

In this space of time while I still struggle with finding a tutor, Brandon has (practically unasked - I was voicing my frustration but somehow neglected to actually ask him if he'd help me) started working with me, having me explain the various concepts I've been learning about and going through the questions with me. And amazingly, I feel a much greater comprehension for what I'm currently studying than anything I've yet studied.

Which leaves me to wonder a little if perhaps the fact that he's not taking the class (and never has) makes him a better study companion. I'm fully aware that often those who excel most in this subject aren't the best at explaining it. Perhaps somewhat comparable to why native speakers of a language aren't always the best at teaching that language as a second language. They have an intuitive grasp of the language, but never had to work through the complexities of how the language actually functions - complete with all the oddities and unexplainable phenomena.

Summary: At least for the moment, things are very much bearable in my physics studies, an altogether new feeling with this subject.


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