Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter!

Things have been pretty laid back this Easter weekend, which I don't mind at all. :) Particularly in light of the constantly crazy business of the week. A little extra sleep and low key activities are always a good thing.

We went to a large art festival in St. George yesterday and enjoyed the creative output of people from all over the area. As well as a little sun, which I may be a little less than excited about... The park where the festival was held was pretty cool, with a little shallow river running through the pavilion-like area. Brandon and I dipped our feet in the cool water for awhile before walking down through the little river dodging children. Very pretty.

In other news, one of my uncles, my Uncle Scott, passed away yesterday morning. Both sides of my family are pretty spread out and, as a result, I didn't know my Uncle Scott very well. Which, in and of itself, makes me somewhat sad. My Uncle's passing didn't come as a complete surprise, as I knew he wasn't in very good health, but I'm still sad to see him go, though I'm happy to see him released from the physical pain he was going through.

I hope you all have a lovely Easter!

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