Tuesday, February 26, 2013


As is want to happen during these winter months, I exited my abode this morning to the shock and surprise of a good amount of snow on the ground and still swirling down. Granted, yesterday was fairly chilly, but it was also sunny and clear. There just seems to be no predicting the weather.

While I like snow, particularly when it is snowing and settling into a beautiful clean blanket across everything, it makes my life difficult in a couple of ways. Obviously, driving to work because a much slower process, due to driving slower myself and due to the large build up of traffic as everyone does the same. That's a far preferred alternative to traffic as a result of accidents, but it is still slow. And then, more importantly for me, as I don't mind being a little later to work in the mornings, the snow is continually preventing me from running outside. Which is something I both want and need to do. I have approximately two months to train for the Salt Lake Half Marathon and I've trained little to none thus far. Much of that is my own fault, not going out of my way to train when I'm feeling even the least bit lazy, but the snow is certainly not helping. Yesterday after work was the first day where I really should have gone running. The light is finally lasting long enough in the evenings that I shouldn't have any trouble being out for thirty minutes to an hour before it gets dark.


So, essentially, the snow is my only last excuse for not running. And perhaps it shouldn't even be that. But, dear snow, March is almost upon us. Please go away.

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