Friday, February 8, 2013

I'm a Heat Stealer. I steal heat.

This is not a new thing. But I am just realizing the extent to which it is true.

Brandon frequently tells me that I'm stealing his heat constantly when I snuggle up next to him to get warm. And, it's true. I do steal his heat. I just don't take enough of it that he'll really notice. And yet, he is not the only thing I steal heat from.

Other things I steal heat from:

-corn/rice heat bags (this is a given, as I practically always have one with me)
-warm plates brought out when eating out (with or without food, I can still hold the dish)
-sunshine heated clothing/seats (whether in a building or car)
-warm cups/mugs
-warm water (and the newly appreciated saunas and steam rooms)
-space heater (near constantly in my little home)

Obviously there are other things which contribute to me being warm, like blankets and clothing, but unless those things are already warm prior to my making use of them, I'm not acquiring my heat directly from them.

I like being warm. But I like choosing to be warm. I like doing things to make myself warm rather than having the warm forced upon me. I like chilly days because I like wearing layers of comfy clothing. I like bundling. I like enjoying the warm sunshine when it is in contrast to how I would otherwise feel. And I like being cool enough to take advantage of those warm things when they come my way.

Also, it's my Yopa's birthday! Happy Birthday, Yopa! Do fun things! I love you!

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