Saturday, February 9, 2013

Doctor U - A Musical

Yesterday during work I did a quick search for anything interesting that might be happening this weekend and found a show called "Doctor U" that was just starting at the Off-Broadway Theater in Salt Lake. Here's the description:
"Travel through time and space with the Doctor and his companion, all the way to Utah… circa 2013 (and beyond)… for an adventure that spans nearly two hours. The Doctor's arch-nemesis has returned with an evil undertaking that could wreak havoc for any Time Lord. Plus, he's enlisted the help of intergalactic villains, nefarious aliens, and Benjamin Franklin. For the first time in history, history could be history unless the Doctor can put the entire world back on the clock. Don't even blink or you'll miss nearly a millisecond of this paradoxical adventure."

Brandon and I have been both separately been watching Doctor Who over the last little while. He's near the end of season four while I'm still at the end of season three. Anyway, it was very timely that we'd both just been exposed to Doctor Who in time to see this performance, because had we gone into it without knowing the ins and outs of the show, it wouldn't have been a tenth as funny (although, there may have been a few spoilers thrown in there...). And it was funny. Not necessarily very much gut-wrenching laughter, but near constant chuckling at the corny jokes and plays on words, as well as pokes of fun at the real show. For those of you who have seen Doctor Who, you know that it started out as a very low budget series (the re-boot, that is) and that some of the characters, such as the Daleks look tremendously low budget (is that a whisk on the end of that arm?). And yet, it is charming and funny. And this cast of individuals did are marvelous job at expounding on those qualities.

If you've seen Doctor Who and you're in the Salt Lake City area, I definitely recommend it! Be prepared for something ridiculous and you'll enjoy it.

(Also somewhat ironic - Brandon never wore converse before receiving a bright red pair from his work several months ago. If you'd have asked him, he probably would have said he didn't like them. But now? He loves his red shoes and they look fantastic on him. And what kind of shoes does the Doctor wear? That's right, converse. Not bright red ones, but all the same.)

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