Thursday, February 28, 2013

Car Adventures in the Snow

Oh hey! Guess what? I forgot to mention, but I got in my first little accident, of sorts, just a few weeks ago. On a snowy evening as I was just about to turn on to Brandon't street, my car slipped on the freshly forming ice and I slid down the small decline straight into his street sign post and stop know, I've told this story already on facebook...let me go grab that summary.

For all those in the Salt Lake Valley where everything is lovely and snowy, take warning as the roads are quite bad. How do I know this? A lovely date I just had with a street sign up on the mountainside. Street sign: 0. Geneva 1. (Depending on how you look at it - yes my car is injured, but the street sign is dead.)

After phoning Brandon and requesting the assistance of a Mr. Dallin Regehr and Mr. Grant Gordon, with the additional assistance of a friendly neighbor with a truck and cables, we were able to move my little red car off of the sign (which it was high centered on). Right around then we discovered that when Grant had gone to close my windows he had accidentally also locked my running car, leaving us on the outside. But wait! He'd also accidentally left a small crack in my passenger side window! First a metal coat hanger, then a plastic coat hanger, finally success was found in the form a Mr. Regehr's machete.

All is well (minus the slightly injured car)! Epic save from the residents of King Street.

After phoning Brandon and requesting the assistance of a Mr. Dallin Regehr and Mr. Grant Gordon, with the additional assistance of a friendly neighbor with a truck and cables, we were able to move my little red car off of the sign (which it was high centered on). Right around then we discovered that when Grant had gone to close my windows he had accidentally also locked my running car, leaving us on the outside. But wait! He'd also accidentally left a small crack in my passenger side window! First a metal coat hanger, then a plastic coat hanger, finally success was found in the form a Mr. Regehr's machete.
All is well (minus the slightly injured car)! Epic save from the residents of King Street.

My little car has been driving (mostly) just fine since then. It still needs a little body work, but there doesn't appear to be a rush. The sign has been replaced and those searching for King Street should now be able to find it. 

Also, I've been thinking about making my blog private. I feel like my ideas and thoughts are already strewn rather haphazardly across the internet, and perhaps it might be nice to make this a little more private. I'll, of course, extend an invitation to all of you who already read this and any one else who might be interested. Any objections?

And last, but not least, happy birthday to my little niece Sylvia!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Sweet 16!

My baby sister turns 16 today! Woohoo!

For those of you who know her, you'll know that she doesn't look her age. Someone mistook her as being 21 or something like that a few months ago at a party. She doesn't look old. ;) She just looks like she could easily be a college student. The plague of Wagner girls, I suppose. I'm not certain whether my older sister dealt with this, but I certainly did. Pretty much from about the age of 13 on till 19 or 20, people always assumed I was older than I was (initially much to the displeasure of Kyle when I was asked for ID at the airport and he wasn't - the playing field has evened here as people can't place who is older between us). And some still assumed me to be easily five to eight years older than that even up till now. However, in an odd reversal, most people now assume that I'm younger than I am. I take classes with traditional college age students and I'm fairly certain that I fit in as well now as I did when I was 17...let's just hope I continue to look younger than I am. I can live with that.

Anyway! Back to Morgan, but sweet little sister who is turning 16! Wildly confident and outgoing Morgan easily surpasses my own level of confidence at her age. Comfortable with herself and comfortable putting herself out there, she's taken on her first real move and new high school in a easy sweep. And now driving! Crazy! And, form the sound of it, something resembling a date! So much, so fast!

One things for certain though, whatever Morgan chooses to do, she'll be able to do. I can hardly wait to see what direction she heads in.

And in the meantime, she can keep an eye on Thor and he keeps her company. :)

Happy Birthday, Morgan! I love you!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013


As is want to happen during these winter months, I exited my abode this morning to the shock and surprise of a good amount of snow on the ground and still swirling down. Granted, yesterday was fairly chilly, but it was also sunny and clear. There just seems to be no predicting the weather.

While I like snow, particularly when it is snowing and settling into a beautiful clean blanket across everything, it makes my life difficult in a couple of ways. Obviously, driving to work because a much slower process, due to driving slower myself and due to the large build up of traffic as everyone does the same. That's a far preferred alternative to traffic as a result of accidents, but it is still slow. And then, more importantly for me, as I don't mind being a little later to work in the mornings, the snow is continually preventing me from running outside. Which is something I both want and need to do. I have approximately two months to train for the Salt Lake Half Marathon and I've trained little to none thus far. Much of that is my own fault, not going out of my way to train when I'm feeling even the least bit lazy, but the snow is certainly not helping. Yesterday after work was the first day where I really should have gone running. The light is finally lasting long enough in the evenings that I shouldn't have any trouble being out for thirty minutes to an hour before it gets dark.


So, essentially, the snow is my only last excuse for not running. And perhaps it shouldn't even be that. But, dear snow, March is almost upon us. Please go away.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013


For the record, I hate the study of Physics. I've completed a college degree, taken many difficult classes, but as of yet, I've never taken a class that so blatantly challenged my ability to understand it even on a general level. It is not in line with how my brain is organized or processes information. And the fact that I need it to even apply for grad school makes me hate it. So much. I've disliked few subjects as much as I do this.

And let me just say that I don't hate very many things, and I don't hate everything about the study of Physics, but I definitely hate the vast majority of it.

That's all for now.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Family - Where it's at.

I'm feeling very amorous in the direction of my family tonight. I was flipping through some of our family photos and, not for the first time, it struck me that I have a pretty extraordinary and fantastic family. Awesome parents, awesome siblings, awesome extended family. I really love them all. My love and affection for them is consistent, but my focus in thought on them comes and goes with the waves of other things that distract me in my life. The moments when I focus and can't help but smile at how brilliant they are and some of the experiences that we've had together - those are the best moments - I've really been very very lucky. And it is good for me to recognize that and be thankful for them.

Mom, Dad, I love you both so much! Thank you for being such inspirations of kindness, adventure, and intelligence. Carina! Best older sister ever! You teach me so much in the way you live your life! Michael! Exposed me to some of the most fantastic fantasy and science fiction games out there! Kyle! The closest person to a partner in crime that I ever had in many of our adventures growing up. And Morgan! Coolest little sister, ever! Seriously. Hands down. So confident. So pretty. So unique. Goodness, I have an awesome family! And I didn't even start to describe my grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins!


Sunday, February 10, 2013

Mike Tompkins

Brandon introduced me to a song done by Mike Tompkins awhile ago when Mike first released Cinema, but it wasn't until this last Thursday that after following another video of Mike Tompkins, we watched the following video of Mike performing Cinema. I don't know how the visual has such an impact, but it changed what was an indifferent enjoyment to a real appreciation and love of the song.

(Skrillex Cinema & Santigold Disparate Youth - Mike Thompkins Dubstep A Capella Remix)

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Doctor U - A Musical

Yesterday during work I did a quick search for anything interesting that might be happening this weekend and found a show called "Doctor U" that was just starting at the Off-Broadway Theater in Salt Lake. Here's the description:
"Travel through time and space with the Doctor and his companion, all the way to Utah… circa 2013 (and beyond)… for an adventure that spans nearly two hours. The Doctor's arch-nemesis has returned with an evil undertaking that could wreak havoc for any Time Lord. Plus, he's enlisted the help of intergalactic villains, nefarious aliens, and Benjamin Franklin. For the first time in history, history could be history unless the Doctor can put the entire world back on the clock. Don't even blink or you'll miss nearly a millisecond of this paradoxical adventure."

Brandon and I have been both separately been watching Doctor Who over the last little while. He's near the end of season four while I'm still at the end of season three. Anyway, it was very timely that we'd both just been exposed to Doctor Who in time to see this performance, because had we gone into it without knowing the ins and outs of the show, it wouldn't have been a tenth as funny (although, there may have been a few spoilers thrown in there...). And it was funny. Not necessarily very much gut-wrenching laughter, but near constant chuckling at the corny jokes and plays on words, as well as pokes of fun at the real show. For those of you who have seen Doctor Who, you know that it started out as a very low budget series (the re-boot, that is) and that some of the characters, such as the Daleks look tremendously low budget (is that a whisk on the end of that arm?). And yet, it is charming and funny. And this cast of individuals did are marvelous job at expounding on those qualities.

If you've seen Doctor Who and you're in the Salt Lake City area, I definitely recommend it! Be prepared for something ridiculous and you'll enjoy it.

(Also somewhat ironic - Brandon never wore converse before receiving a bright red pair from his work several months ago. If you'd have asked him, he probably would have said he didn't like them. But now? He loves his red shoes and they look fantastic on him. And what kind of shoes does the Doctor wear? That's right, converse. Not bright red ones, but all the same.)

Friday, February 8, 2013

I'm a Heat Stealer. I steal heat.

This is not a new thing. But I am just realizing the extent to which it is true.

Brandon frequently tells me that I'm stealing his heat constantly when I snuggle up next to him to get warm. And, it's true. I do steal his heat. I just don't take enough of it that he'll really notice. And yet, he is not the only thing I steal heat from.

Other things I steal heat from:

-corn/rice heat bags (this is a given, as I practically always have one with me)
-warm plates brought out when eating out (with or without food, I can still hold the dish)
-sunshine heated clothing/seats (whether in a building or car)
-warm cups/mugs
-warm water (and the newly appreciated saunas and steam rooms)
-space heater (near constantly in my little home)

Obviously there are other things which contribute to me being warm, like blankets and clothing, but unless those things are already warm prior to my making use of them, I'm not acquiring my heat directly from them.

I like being warm. But I like choosing to be warm. I like doing things to make myself warm rather than having the warm forced upon me. I like chilly days because I like wearing layers of comfy clothing. I like bundling. I like enjoying the warm sunshine when it is in contrast to how I would otherwise feel. And I like being cool enough to take advantage of those warm things when they come my way.

Also, it's my Yopa's birthday! Happy Birthday, Yopa! Do fun things! I love you!

Friday, February 1, 2013

A Certain Person's Birthday

In an attempt to keep a budget on my gift giving to Brandon, I regulated most of my gifts to the food category. This was a somewhat foolish attempt, as the food category is wide and varied. And, since my food giving abilities had to be slightly extended in order for me to have the appropriate equipment to build a cake. In other words, it was an excuse for me to purchase some much needed kitchen supplies. So much for the budget. Done and done.

However, though I will be building a cake on...Saturday, most likely, one of Brandon's favorite cake types of all time is the ice cream cake. An excellent choice. In an attempt to be ahead of the ball, I drove to Dairy Queen yesterday during my lunch break and purchased a cake. I then proceeded to leave the cake in the trunk of my car (there's snow outside, it must be cold enough, right?). Today, as I rushed off  for a birthday luncheon, I checked on the cake and noticed that it had widened and flattened to the shape of the cake cover. No mess. No leakage. Just a flatter cake. Re-frozen and delivered, it remains to be seen as to whether the quality of taste has altered in any significant way. I feel confident that Brandon will be a fair judge of this.

And in an ironic twist, I was also given a gift today. Birthdays aren't supposed to be gift exchanges, but today turned in to a very small gift exchange as I pushed my edible delicacies at Brandon and he bestowed upon me a pretty little camelback for my water consuming enjoyment. I can now proudly advertise for his employment as the logo happily graces the back of the pack. I'm quite excited.

It has been a very good day. :)