Monday, January 21, 2013

What makes a perfect gym?

As it is quite cold here in Utah, and frequently snowy, we've been looking for a gym to make our fitness home while we wait out the cold. In addition, I recently decided to run a half marathon here in Salt Lake City this April with an awesome friend (Jeanene!) and I'm badly in need of some training. Which means running. ;) Thus, more need for a gym, at least for a little while until it is bearable to go running outside.

We've currently got a limited guest pass to a gym in Murray called the Sports Mall. It's a pretty fabulous facility, but in going there and in looking at the plethora of other gyms in Salt Lake City, I've come to the conclusion that there are only a few things that I really need in a gym. Cardio Equipment. Weight lifting equipment. Shared Jacuzzi/Sauna/or Steam room. The Sports Mall comes soooo close. It has all of those things (plus fitness classes - which are always fun), but the Jacuzzi/Sauna/ and Steam room as separated, limited to those within each locker room. And while this may not seem like a problem, when Brandon and I got to the gym, spend time working out, and then want to cool down and relax together, we can't exactly do that when we're in separate locations. Which means that we limit the time we spend doing those things when we could happily be spending more than an hour in the hot tub chatting, were we together. It seems like such a small thing, but it is a failing flaw in an otherwise very nice facility. We'll see what we end up deciding on eventually.

I've also rediscovered racquetball! I'd done it before a few times (perhaps five times ever before) but when we went into the racquetball court on Friday it was essentially starting from the beginning for me. Technique, rules, everything was new. I am a highly competitive individual. I hate being bad at anything. Typically when I start new things that I'm not very good at, I either decide very quickly that I'm not very interested, or I decide very quickly that I want to be much better. Racquetball is definitely a case of the latter. As we played on Friday, I was frustrated at my lack of technique, but enjoyed myself regardless. And by Saturday morning, I just wanted to play again and work on it some more! Hooked. Hopefully we'll go in a few times this next and I'll get a chance to work on it some more.

What do you value most in a gym? What makes or breaks it for you?


  1. I think I agree completely with your assessment of what makes a perfect gym. The shared facilities are a MUST. Love to you and bro!