Friday, January 11, 2013

Snow and School

Tonight was my first Physics 2 class! And it actually went really well...I didn't feel totally lost at the end of the two and a half hour professor managed to use me in an example where my body was being crushed under the weight of four Volkswagens as well as telling me that somewhere in a galaxy far away in an identical classroom, my equal and opposite attraction guy was taking Physics 2 as well. I think it will be an amusing semester. And as Physics professors have gone for me in the past, he's my favorite. 

However! I almost didn't even go to class! Why? Because a nice snow storm decided to hit just an hour or so before I left for class. It had lightly started to snow before I left work, but when I cam back out to my car around 6:30, everything was coated in more than an inch of damp snow. It took me forty minutes to do a twenty minute drive. And the whole way I kept thinking, "This was probably a stupid idea." But I want to do well in this Physic class! And we only meet once a week! And I still hadn't bought my textbook (because I didn't know what it was)! Lots of good reasons to go to class. So I did. :) And then braved the storm to get home again.

But here I am now, textbook purchased ($21 total and half of that was shipping! This was managed by it being an older edition as I'll be able to access the appropriate problems via another source and the general text is all the same) and cozy in my little warm room.

Considering how unexcited I was to go to Physics tonight, things have gone pretty well. :)

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