Sunday, January 20, 2013

More West Coast Swing....

Brandon and I have been making a regular habit of going West Coast Swing Dancing these past few weeks. So much fun! We went to a two and a half hour intensive last night and while they didn't teach us as many new moves as we would have liked, they worked on technique a great deal and I, as a dancer with a widely varied background, very much needed the technique. I have trouble staying low on my feet and grounded because I'm always wanting to go up on the balls of my feet as be as high up as I can when doing fast spins and turns. That, and for anyone who has done other forms of dance, the anchoring at the end of the West Coast pattern is very awkward. I want to use my momentum and shifting and in West Coast there has to be a stop at the end of each pattern. Of course, unless you've done this type of dance, this probably doesn't make sense, but essentially when you anchor correctly, it enables some of the key characteristics of West Coast to be present. I'll figure it out eventually.

Two songs that I particularly love dancing to are Club Thing by Yoav and Come Back (Light Therapy) by Josh Rouse. 

(Yoav - Club Thing)

(Josh Rouse - Comeback (light therapy))

Anyway, we learned that there were a lot of things between Blues Dance and West Coast Swing that were similar and related but it wasn't until last night that that idea was fully explained. Essentially, the styling of West Coast, the musicality, is heavily saturated in the same ideas that are the basis for how Blues Dance works. Feeling the music, moving to the music, communicating with your dance partner. Obviously, West Coast has more form to go along with this, more moves that are common place, but I'm happy to finally fully discover this connection between two of my favorite dance styles.

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