Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Happy New Year! 2013!

Typical of today's activities, I've been looking back at last year's post about resolutions and find myself in a similar mindset, somewhat lethargic where making resolutions is concerned.

Last years resolutions included:

-Take the GRE (Coming up this week! Am I ready? No.)
-Take three more of my pre-reqs via some of the local colleges (Signed up and mostly ready to go? Check.)
-Sort out how I'd like to take my last three pre-reqs.
-Get another part time job. (Substitute teaching maybe?)
-Do shadowing hours with PTs.
-Running more (maybe a marathon).
-Traveling to a new country.

Let's see, I took the GRE, finished some more pre-reqs, signed up for three of the last four I need, now have a full time job, completed my shadowing hours, and traveled to a new country (many new countries). Not bad, considering everything.

Basing my resolutions on last years, here are the goals for this year:

-Complete last four pre-reqs (already signed up for three of them).
-Apply to grad schools starting this summer.
-I'd still like to run a marathon, so on top of running more, I'd like to make that a priority. I don't even know that I'll be doing a half this year, now that we don't live close to the Indy Mini, so I'll really have to focus on that on my own.

I may add some more to that list, but for now, that's not bad.

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