Thursday, December 6, 2012

Wheel of Time - finished!

And I'm done! Early this morning I finished off the last chapter and epilogue of the thirteenth book in The Wheel of Time series. For me, having started reading the books more than a decade ago, this is quite an accomplishment. Granted, I've read several of the books more than once, but the last few continued to elude me. But no longer! Now I can anticipate the fourteenth book without any anxiety over unfinished books in the series.

I should note that, with these last two books, a good portion of the time I spent consuming their words was in the form of audio book as well as the written copies. For me, this has proven a very good idea. Frequently when I read I unconsciously skim through dense portions of details when my mind starts to wander. While this still occurred occasionally while listening, I feel that I've come away from these two books with more details than from some of the earlier books. I've no desire at this time to go back and read the books again, but I look forward to trying this method out more with other books.

An amusing addition to listening to these books in their audio formats has been to listen and critique the pronunciations of the readers. I'd initially thought of them as something of verification for the different pronunciations of the different names, but after they bungled the pronunciations of a few words, I felt inclined to pay them little heed.

Good things ahead as I head out for another visit in the West. :)

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