Sunday, December 9, 2012

West Coast Swing!

As an added note from the housewarming party we had on Thursday, when we decorated the tree with glass Christmas ball ornaments, as I opened one of the packages of ornaments, I cut my finger on a tiny piece of glass stuck to the tape holding the package closed. Small cut as it was, it hurt. And continued to hurt over the next twenty four hours at surprising moments. Typically I'm pretty tough and little cuts like that don't both me, but this one was surprisingly resilient. Why? Well, turns out that a tiny little sliver from that piece on the tape broke off and was stuck inside the cut. Apparently the sharp pings of pain were a result of that. Sitting at a Thai place for dinner I carefully removed the sliver of glass and instantly my finger felt much better. I couldn't help but share my joy and wonder at how much better it felt with Brandon and his roommates - several times over the next several hours. It's amazing how much a tiny shard of glass can make a difference.

That aside, Saturday I had the pleasure of attending a small bridal shower which included good food and company as well as an interesting game of questions that aided me in learning much more about the bride and groom to be!

And then in the evening! Highlight of my weekend thus far, Brandon and I went to a West Coast Swing lesson/dance on Saturday night and it was marvelous fun. I can see why it is Brandon and my sister and brother-in-law's favorite. Blues dance is still my favorite, but I can definitely say that West Coast is running a close second....and for my first time, owing to my considerable dance experience, I don't think I was half bad. :) Let's just say that watching other people dance, in real life or by video, isn't a good explanation for the dance. Doing it was what solidified it.

I look forward to doing more of it in the near future here in Utah! Brandon and I may sign up with the club we went to in order to go more often for lessons and dances at a discounted price. We'll see, but I'm happy to have found another wonderful style of dance.

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