Friday, December 7, 2012

Utah - Blood - Interviews

It's good to be back in Utah. :)

I arrived yesterday around noon, being picked up by Dallin (one of Brandon's roomies). I'd planned to arrive a day early as a surprise for Brandon, as well as to attend a housewarming party which they threw last night, but when I talked to Brandon on the phone a few days ago, when he asked what day I was coming, my brain refused to process the "sneaky" factor and out popped "Thursday." I quickly amended it, but to no avail. The seed had been planted. From there on out it was all subtle questions from Brandon goading me to see if he could get me to admit I was coming out early. All very amusing.

But preparations for the Ninja-Gingerbread-Castlewarming-Party went well and the event was a success with a house full of friendly and energetic individuals. A very good time. This was the only picture taken of the two of us last night, and I'll happily admit that I love it.

Today has been wonderful on its own. After dropping Brandon at work I finally went in and donated blood with the Red Cross (they've been calling me for months and months, but I've just never managed to be available). I can't say exactly why, but I get a high from donating blood. It makes me really happy. I don't enjoy being pocked my needles, but that feeling is always worth it. It infused my day with a smile.

And this afternoon I had an interview which I believe went very well. It's hard to know how I compare to the other candidates, but it left me very optimistic. I should find out early next week the results from that interview. I'm not getting my hopes too high, as I'm sure there are other good candidates, but again, I'm optimistic.

Other applications out the door and more contacts with potential housing possibilities. Life is good. :)

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