Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Job! Move! Christmas!

Things have been crazy this last week! As I visited with Brandon I also searched for jobs and housing possibilities as well. And after months of looking for the former, countless applications and resume submissions and a good number of emails, I finally got one! Actually, ironically, in the space of the last five days I've gotten three job offers. I, gratefully, accepted the first offer I got, and while it's possible that one of the other two might have paid better, I'm fairly certain that the group of people that I'll be working with is incredible and that my experience with them will likewise be incredible.

I start the 26th of this month! Craziness! In the space of one week I'll have left Utah and flown home, celebrated Christmas with my family, packed up everything back into a truck, driven back to Utah (towing my car) and moved into my apartment. Wow!

Let's just say that I have incredible parents and an awesome boyfriend and between all of them and the people that extend from them they've made this entire process possible and much easier.

Also, moving like this just feels like Christmas, all by itself. I haven't seen the inside contents of most of these boxes since early June at the latest, not to mention that I didn't even use most of the living stuff for the nine months prior to that when I lived with my parents. Opening them up will be like opening massive gifts filled with random wonderful things. And on top of that, as my parents are downsizing their acquired horde from the last 30+ years of marriage, I've been gifted with all kinds of wonderful random furniture and art. I'm excited. :)

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