Thursday, November 1, 2012

This Man

There's this man...and I love much...and I get to see him tomorrow (Friday)! And I can hardly wait. It's so difficult to be patient when I know that just a few days and an airplane ride away and I'll be able to hold his hand, play with his hair, and feel his arms wrap around me. Silly small details that make my world a brighter place. I'll be out in the West about ten days. The weekends will be busy busy, and perhaps the week (job hunting and interviews for me!) as well, but I'll try to post regularly! I may schedule some little posts ahead to fill the week, but hopefully it won't take me too long to get pictures and events up as they happen.

Just know, if I don't get around to posting, there's probably a good reason. :)

And hey, it's November! It's my birthday month! :D It's hard to know how much my preference for the month is straight forward bias because of my birthday and Thanksgiving, or a result of my love for the fall weather. Regardless, I'm happy it's here!

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