Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Quick Update!

Quick post for yesterday and today! I finally made the "most delicious" chocolate chip cookies from awhile ago and they did turn out pretty well. I'll make a few adjustments to the previous blog post about them and add my notes there. 

My sister and her family arrive today! The house is clean and Thor is basking in the all the open windows (although he somehow still prefers sitting in the windows to actually going outside. The protection of that screen....he just can't give it up.

For yesterday I'm thankful for the YMCA, as it allows me to go in at my leisure and take fun athletic classes, working harder and with more variety than I otherwise might (because, I'll admit it, running doesn't seem very varied).

And for today, I'm thankful for sunlight. I don't always appreciate it. I don't like being out in it for very long without sunblock. I don't like being over-warm in it. But it is beautiful and without the sun our planet would not function. Thus, me being thankful for both the sun and sunlight. And Thor seems to enjoy it. :)

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