Monday, November 19, 2012

Oxford Commas

For your information, I absolutely adore Oxford commas.

It wasn't something I thought about in great detail for quite some time, but lately I've become more and more frustrated with the occasionally misunderstanding of whether it was commonly correct to use that last comma or not. At some point in the recent past I finally checked that particular point and was pleasantly surprised and pleased to learn that the little comma that I'd been so desiring was one and the same, an Oxford comma!

My wee baby sister (she's taller than me (only a little!), just quite a bit younger) has been working on a paper this evening and when she asked me a question about it, the resolution to her question resulted in a tangent conversation concerning the use of commas. Granted, I fully recognize that I am an abuser of commas. I use them far too regularly, inserting them wherever they feel appropriate, as opposed to when they are always fully grammatical. And perhaps that lends itself to why I so fully appreciate Oxford commas. They encourage more usage.

Anyhow, in our tangent conversation I read and regaled her on the inner workings of the controversy between the pro-Oxford comma party and the anti-Oxford comma party. I was perhaps just a little overenthusiastic. But I love grammar. And I badly need to pay more attention to the proper use of commas. Our conversation was some sort of renewed evidence that my heading in the direction of Linguistics as a major in college was rather well substantiated, even if there were other interests that I might have done well to have heeded.

And as a conclusion, let me just say that, for today, I'm thankful for the Oxford comma.

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  1. Hear. Hear. I second your gratitude toward, and respect for, the Oxford comma, too, also, and completely. :)