Saturday, November 17, 2012

Life Lately - Books and PT Hours!

I've been rather lacking on the pictures lately. Life has been full of observation hours and reading. I'm about three quarters of the way through Winter's Heart right now. My attention span seems to sporadically come and go, but at the very least I expect to be finished with it by the end of Sunday.

Thanksgiving is almost here and that means we'll have more family here! :D

And as I've been terrible at blogging these last few days, here are my thoughts for the last few days.

For today, I'm thankful for quiet. I'm thankful for my earplugs which enable me to get some sleep each night. I'm thankful for the varied schedules that allow to have some "me" time on most days. I look forward to having my own room, but for now, things are working out just fine.

For yesterday I'm thankful for's entirely possible that I'll repeat some of my "thankful" items, as I'm not keeping any sort of list. I'm thankful for sleep because it allows me to feel rested and well. I woke up on Friday tired and came home from observation and took a nap. And it was wonderful. And I still went to bed early-ish. It isn't easy to do, as there almost always seem to be better things I could do with my time, but when I wake up in the morning feeling fully rested, I can't help but want a repeat of the feeling.

And for this past Thursday I'm thankful for jobs and work. I'm still furiously looking for my own job, although I've been a bit lax this week with other responsibilities getting in the way. I know I'll find something.

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