Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The National Lutheran Choir - Down In The River To Pray

I was bouncing around Spotify the other day, attempting to devise a plan for building a station I might like to listen to that exposes me to new music. Pandora may be a better route for me to return to.

In the process, however, I came across what I'd consider to be my favorite version of "Down in the River to Pray," performed by The National Lutheran Choir.

I've been looking for a video to put on here, but I'm having trouble finding anything. To hear the song, I'd recommend going to Spotify (if you've downloaded (it's free)) or simply listening to one of the soundbites for the song on Amazon or iTunes. It's beautiful.

However, I was able to find one of their songs, entitled "Ye Shall Have A Song," which is also incredibly beautiful.

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