Saturday, October 27, 2012

Really Alabama? You too?

I know there are good and bad drivers in most places, but I've been unpleasantly surprised by the significant number of bad drivers down here in Huntsville.

Living in Utah, I thought I was experiencing some of the worst of worst bad American drivers, possibly a result of the large diversity of home states of the inhabitants of Provo and the surrounding areas. But now, having been in Huntsville a month and change, I'm not so sure. At the very minimum, what is up with the complete lack of turn signal usage? I mean, come on! Is everyone's turn signal broken? Is everyone's left hand broken and they're simply unable to use their turn signals? It's such a simple simple tool for drivers to use but it is SO important!

I mean, just consider, you're hurtling down the road in a large and dangerous vehicle and you have two options (probably more than two, but let's look at these two): First, you can turn your turn signal on as you prepare to make a turn or change lanes, communicating with all of the other rapidly moving dangerous vehicles surrounding you so as to prevent them from hurtling directly in to you! Or, second, you can whilly-nilly drive wherever you want, refusing to signal and communicate your intentions in your accelerating wheeled box of death, and hope that no other vehicle happens to navigate to the same location at the same time as you, possibly resulting in a flaming ball of destruction and quite likely, your death. Your choice. Maybe you like being consumed by flaming fire balls of destruction. Me, not so much.

So, please, drivers, wherever you are, have some common courtesy and keep me informed, using those happy little blinking turn signals, of where you might be thinking about going with your expensive, outfitted, wheeled box of speedy death.

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