Thursday, October 4, 2012

Names, Names, Names...

Dear, sweet, readers,

I generally avoid all things political in public forums such as facebook and this blog (a private blog, certainly, but open to the public). Private groups, I'll participate in. I am not apolitical. If I'm having a conversation and I feel like my relationship with whoever I'm talking to will be conducive to me sharing my opinions and viewpoints, I'll share them. If I think that the person I'm talking to is glaringly in error, and if I thinking informing them gently of this fact will do them any good, I'll let them know. But generally, it is just not a space that I frequent.

Based on that description alone, you might be able to tell where my general political leaning take me. I could fall on either side, but the type that tends to be more vocal, at least recently, isn't where I reside.

All of that aside, there is one thing that I recently noticed that drives me crazy.

Enough with the slurs on people's names. Rick Santorum had his last name completely demolished and while, on the one hand, it is completely hilarious and amazing that the online campaign against him was so effective, it's his name. I don't think Rick is a nice guy. I don't agree with him on very many things, but it's his name. I'm generally happy to disagree with people and even strongly dislike them without stooping to disrespect someone's name. It just seems low and immature. I do not slur Rick Santorum's name. Even though I don't like him and don't have a great deal of respect for him.

So, let's then step over to our two currently most prominent: President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney.

I don't have a problem with catchy sayings for or against that include a person's name. As long as they include the actual name. I recognize that that is just a part of the game right now. I still find negative slurs on people that involve their name to be pretty ridiculous and childish, but I'll live. However, I've seen several examples recently of people disrespecting these candidates names, and most recently I saw someone post something about the last night's debate referring to our current President as "Bama." You, the person who said this? Keep in mind that your opinion has now been reduced to the most immature, ignorant, and insignificant level that it possible could be. You, lacking the simple ability to refer to people with the appropriate amount of respect, deserve none from me.

I happen to like our current President a great deal. I don't envy the position he's in, the great work load he takes on, the time and energy he spends dealing with everything, or the blame that he receives for issues that he has little to no influence over. I have respect for him. I don't so much care for Governor Romney, but, regardless of that, you will never he me slurring his name. Mitt, Romney, Mitt Romney, Governor Romney. All acceptable.

Until you can treat everyone with that level of respect, just remember that you have nothing to say to me which I will find is worth listening to.

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