Saturday, October 13, 2012

In the works....

I haven't done justice to my adventures since Europe this summer, and there have been some! I've mentioned a few, but not in great deal and few or no pictures. Unfortunately, many of them are a bit stale, but I'll do my best to remember what I can in my posts!

Let's see. There was the Ironman, which I've mentioned. I've just finished a compilation of some of the video from that which I'll upload soon. I've retroactively added a few to the Ironman post I already made, so if you're dying to see a few more pictures from that, they're there.

I went out to visit Brandon. :) This included a wide variety of adventures including, but not limited to Salt Lake City, St. George, Las Vegas, Los Angelos, Disneyland, the beach, Mount Timpanogos, and several of those again before I headed back to Cincinnati.

One of my cousins (Anthony) got married and we had a fantastic time at the reception.

And more recently we finally moved here to Alabama, had some parties (moving and birthday related) and went on a hike at Monte Sano here in Huntsville.

I'd like to upload a few pictures from each of those...but we'll see what happens.

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