Thursday, October 25, 2012

Cream of Wheat Vs. Cat

Thor is a baby. He's small and pathetic, even though in cat years, he's also an adult.

He still likes to maintain a constant presence in our room, on the bed, night or day.  With this comes the possibility that I may consume some delicious food item while sitting next to him on the bed in front of my computer. And depending on whether said food item smells as delicious to him as it does to me, he often decides to investigate and judge for himself. I'm am not frequently helpful in assisting him in this endeavors. Often he ends up perched in my lap while I hold whatever I'm eating at far reach away from both of us. Not ideal.

This morning the delicious food item was a steaming bowl of cream of wheat with a little brown sugar and salted butter. Whether the additions or the milk base of the hot cereal, Thor appeared semi-interested. But as he came sniffing towards my bowl, rather than moving the bowl away, I brought my face down to him, facing him off in his charge to the delicious smells. And what was his response? Rather than typically pushing past me, he seemed to understand that this particular bowl of deliciousness was not for him. And he disinterestedly settled beside me, as if he'd never had another thought but to sit there obediently.

Whether this is his attempt to gain favor in my eyes, make me feel guilty and acquiesce his sniffing request the next go around, or he simply wasn't all that interested, I shall never know. But he certainly made me feel in control.

Like a boss.

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