Friday, October 12, 2012

Another update. :)

Sorry for the lag in posts! I recently started a daily little journal blog just to serve as a regular journal until I get back into my regular writing in my physical journal. I haven't been as good at doing that lately and I needed an outlet to try and record some of what is going on in my life - all the little mundane personal details that I feel slightly less inclined to publish publicly.

But here I am again!

The latest:

I've been observing the last two weeks at a local PT office. So fun! Occasionally a little slow since I mostly watch and do the occasional little tasks that are available to me, but I've been learning and picking up on things all the while. It has been cool to see the progress of the regular patients as they come in two or three times every week. I like being there and seeing the work that I'd like to do. It really is amazing how much we take for granted our working bodies. As soon as a shoulder, ankle, or knee isn't working as well, it can really alter what we are and aren't able to do. Take time to use your bodies and enjoy them! They're amazing!

On that note, I've been trying out different classes at the YMCA lately. Yoga, Pilates, Ballroom, Zumba. Zumba is by far my favorite, but there are plenty of classes I have yet to try. I've always held a bit of a prejudice against Zumba because of one attempt at one of the home dance videos they had. It was just...awkward. However, this past Wednesday I went in and it was a full room of people ready to exercise and dance. And it was really fun. Exceptionally so. We went again tonight and while it was still fun, it wasn't as awesome. Different teacher, different music choices, but still fun. I also met with a trainer this week to figure out the machines in the weight room. Just a good review and update on how the computers for each machine (which track the reps and weight) work. I need to go running and walking too! So much to do!

I've been applying like mad trying to find a job. Fun, fun! The endless wait for responses is my favorite part... ;)

There have been other things the last week or so, more moving of stuff, washing of cars, and the like, but nothing particularly of note.

Life is an incredible thing and occasionally in the more stressful moments of weeks, it can be hard to remember that, but I'm trying.

Halloween is coming! If any of you have any bright ideas for costumes, let me know!

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