Monday, September 17, 2012

A good day

I just realized something special about today. Well, there are multiple special things, such as arriving finally with the final load of stuff from Indiana to Alabama. We had some lovely rainy weather to greet us, making moving in and out of the apartment difficult, but we made do. A certain someone also found out that he passed the bar exam today, which I couldn't be more excited or thrilled about for him. That pressure and anxiety that have been hovering the last few months in regard to that exam are finally gone - it makes me very happy.

However, the happy detail that I realized just now was that today marks the passing of a year since I met, for a second time, the fantastic guy that I'm dating.

Two years ago and a bit of change (earlier in September) marked the first time we met, a brief encounter, but one which we both remembered quite well. He was beginning his second year of Law school and I was about to embark on an adventure to work and acquire Washington residency. Given those circumstances, I don't think either of us anticipated that we would ever meet again. We were in different spaces, dating different people, and headed in different directions.

But just over a year ago, back I came to finally start pre-reqs for grad school and unexpectedly a year ago today, we met at a party and immediately became engrossed in conversation together ranging from Daft Punk to Everquest. Games were played. Smiles were exchanged. Opinions and banter were thrown about. And here we are, a year out.

My life is very much changed since then. I've been able to continue to explore who I am and what I want to do with my life. I've had so many fantastic experiences, traveling and learning. But it is hard not to be particularly grateful for this day a year ago when we got a second chance to get to know each other.


  1. I'm glad you met your man and are still happily together! Plus, I'm quite thrilled you all made it to Alabama!

  2. :) I'm looking forward to actually meeting you at some point. We appear to be narrowly missing each other consistently.