Thursday, August 2, 2012

Facebook Confessions...


When my friends/acquaintances on facebook get married, I often feel inclined to delete them...not because I don't like them anymore, but because I know that those pictures from their wedding are probably the best looking and happiest they're ever going to be and I want to remember them that way. And because frequently my married guy friends become rather boring and my married girl friends often only post about stuff I'm not terribly interested. Cooking. Babies. Nifty DIY stuff.

I can get as much of that as I want from Pinterest. :) And I am actually interested in some of that stuff, just not in quite the same way...

Perhaps I'll be more interested in some of that if/when I ever get married, but for now, for the couple of you I delete after you get married, there's no offense meant. I'm just simply happy for you and betting you'll be too busy from here on out to talk to me on facebook, and that you won't mind if I clip my friends list a bit to get it back down to people who I might actually interact with. And for those of you who are married and I am still friends with, well, I guess there's something special about you....even if we never talk on facebook.

On the one hand I see the value in friending every person I ever knew, as a network of acquaintances and people I've met, but that's not really what I want my facebook to be. If that's your style, more power to you, and if we interact in some way, I'll be your friend, but please, please don't be offended if at some point you check you're rising number of friends and the number has slipped one or two.

Heck, even if we are friends on facebook, married or unmarried, if you post religious or political stuff, there's a good chance I'm not seeing any of your posts anyway.

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