Thursday, August 16, 2012

August 16th - Day in Berlin!

Barely a week left! Unbelievable!

Today we took a five hour bike tour of Berlin. Very fun. :) It started to rain at the end of our tour and it was only then that I realized that I perhaps was not quite properly dressed for the weather unless it was mild and nice. With the rain, I was cold. It was beautiful, but I was cold.

After the tour we went and got some drinks to warm us up. I ordered a large hot chocolate and was happily sipping away, noting that there was a lot of unmixed chocolate in the drink, but that I didn't really mind. However, about halfway through, there was a lot more unmixed chocolate and I pulled the lid off and looked in to see a chocolaty mixture that was not very liquidy at all. Chocolate pudding, it would appear, rather than hot chocolate. Delicious, all the same, if rather odd...

We learned lots of interesting things about Berlin today. The city has more construction than any other we've been in. More than most cities around the world. I think this is largely a result of it being occupied for so long by the USSR, but also partly due to the funny German nature of never being quite satisfied with where things are. Apparently entire buildings get moved around here and rebuilt quite often.

We're off to Amsterdam pretty early tomorrow!

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