Tuesday, August 14, 2012

August 14th - Last Full Day in Prague!

Yesterday we went and had our laundry done. I'm not sure I've ever had someone I didn't know do my laundry. It's just...weird to me. I'm sure the laundry people knew their trade, but it was slightly uncomfortable for me to handover my underwear and articles of clothing that I care something about. In the end, it's just clothing, but I'd like for my stuff to not be ruined by my inability to wash it at a laundromat myself. Everything seemed to come back in good condition, but there is still this twinge of discomfort in the back of my mind.

Also, this morning as I was opening a new box of muesli cereal I cut my finger on the cardboard of the lid. Really? A cardboard cut? Who does that? Perhaps it was a subtle message from the universe to slooooow down - and open my cereal boxes a little more carefully.

Perhaps in response to that or perhaps just out of our need to rest a bit this morning, we've been taking things very slow. No running for me this morning (though I did badger Morgan enough to get up and do push ups/sit ups with me). Breakfast. Internet. Relaxed. At some point we'll go out (and perhaps  I'll update this later with a photo), but for now this is very nice.

I was also victorious yesterday in finding someone to sell me stamps so I could post Kyle's letter to Becca and my letter back to the states. Victory required that I ask at several different stores and ultimately purchase the stamp from a news vender with a relatively large "Hooters" sign on the outside (bad taste - anyone?), but victory was worth it. Kept my eyes peeled after that for a post box and finally found one on our way home.

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