Tuesday, July 10, 2012

July 8th and 9th - Venice and Back!

Owing to the fact that we were in Venice yesterday (the 8th) but only finally got back today (the 9th), these will be combined. Plus, I haven't taken any pictures today yet...

Yesterday. Venice.

We caught the train early in the morning and arrived two hours later in Venice. No problems. We walked around Venice for most of the day, enjoying the maze like streets and water. We took a little water bus and went up the tallest tower. Very fun. Venice is incredibly beautiful. I'd love to spend more time there.

Coming home was a bit of a nightmare. We'd originally wanted to go on Saturday but there hadn't been any tickets left for the early train Saturday when we tried for them on Friday, so we decided to switch our plans to Sunday.

If you recall, we made many many attempts before we finally understood and got our tickets out of the machine. Somehow, in the process we accidentally bought return tickets for Monday instead of Sunday. We only realized this when someone came and had the same seats as us and the attendant told us that the train was full and we'd have to wait. As the last train for Florence left we struggled for awhile trying to figure out what to do instead.

Let's just say that, in general, the people at the train stations have been very unhelpful. This was no exception. We finally decided to catch the last train to Bologna, stay the night there, and catch one of the early ones back this morning. Which we did. Home in Florence! We slept much of this morning, trying to catch up from our travels and then went to class this afternoon.

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