Friday, July 6, 2012

July 6th - Walking and Shopping

Beautiful run this morning and a lovely skype to follow it. The only problem with getting up in the morning is that sometimes later in the day the need to rest catches up with me from the hours I clipped from the end of my sleep. But I love running in the morning, so there's not much to be done about it.

Our first two weeks here in our apartment was accompanied by these small little bugs that we'd find frequently in the kitchen. I'm not sure if we've killed them all or they've fled for some other reason, but I hardly see any anymore.

After a pretty easy morning we headed towards the Mercato Centrale. We got caught up shopping at a few little places but finally made it to the Mercato just in time to eat lunch and walk around a bit before they closed. For those of you familiar with Cincinnati and Findley Market, the Mercato Centrale feels very similar to Findley Market, only about six times wider. Very cool.

After lunch we walked to the train station to try and buy train tickets to Venice for tomorrow but realized we needed our train passes to make that happen.

After class we trooped back to the train station and tried again but ended up switching our plans to travel to Venice to Sunday as all of the seat reservations for that first train on Saturday were already taken. It took us several tries to figure out the machines to get our reservation tickets, but we finally did. No help from the information lady who directed to the looooong line for tickets or from the obnoxious man who told us (in Italian) to hurry up as he pointed to his watch. Never mind that there were loooots of other ticket machines up and down the line. He wanted to use the exact one we were using.

To fortify ourselves we stopped for some much deserved gelato at Grom. Good, but not as good as the Gelateria de' Neri.

Dinner at home. :)

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