Wednesday, July 4, 2012

July 4th - Happy Independence Day from Italy!

Finally went running this morning with my dad. He brought my running shoes with him and it was a wonderful relief to run in them as opposed to my Five Fingers (which simply don't do as well on the cobblestones).

After a somewhat easy morning we walked over to the Galileo Museum. The museum was devoted to Galilieo and various instruments of science, astronomy, mathematics, and technology. Lots of incredibly beautiful tools. Much fun as it was to look at all of that, my favorite was the exhibit on illusion that they had down in the basement. Very cool.

 Gelato with dad a little later while mom is in her ceramics class.

We walked back up to the plaza that overlooks the city and listened to some street musicians for a while watching the sunset. Very beautiful.

Back down in the city we decided to break the Italian food streak and went to an amazing sushi place. Very cool.


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