Friday, July 27, 2012

July 27th - Croatia!

We caught our flight early this morning from Milan to Dubrovnik. We're in Croatia! :D

We had an excellent cab driver, best yet in my opinion, who drove us to our little part of the city. It looks like a fortress city on a hill with a wall along the edge of the coast. We're up towards the top of the city and in order to get down into the city we have to take a loooong flight of stairs down. Which isn't so bad. It's coming up that's not quite as much fun. But good exercise!

This is meant to be our little vacation from our vacation. Funny how much I feel like I need it. It's so nice to not feel the need to go out and do anything. And we can finally cook some more in our little kitchen rather than having to go out to eat! I like going out to eat, but I usually feel better when we eat in.

Lovely view. :)

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