Thursday, July 26, 2012

July 26th - Milano!

This morning we caught the train to Milan, saying good bye to our beautiful Stresa.

Milan was fun. We found ourselves caught off guard a bit with a few different situations. Most memorable of the day occurred when we walked into the courtyard in front of the cathedral. There were hundreds of pigeons everywhere and we walked up to take pictures and to perhaps have Morgan run into the bunch to see if they'd fly up all at once. As Morgan started to walk into a large group of birds, a man came up to her, grabbed her hand, raising her arm out to shoulder level, and put some corn in her hand. It happened fast, but suddenly she was covered in pigeons. This continued for awhile, her  feeding pigeons and three of these men putting feed in her hands. They pushed me into the middle to do the same thing, taking my camera and a bag I'd just bought that day.

On the one hand, it was cool. And fun. But I was so paranoid that this man had just taken my camera and stuff, not to mention pressuring me into feeding the birds, that it was hard to appreciate it on some level. I don't like anyone forcing their business on me. I like to know what I'm getting into before I'm expected to pay anything. After we fed the birds a bit, they of course came at us for money, and we did give them some - probably more than we'd like to have.

Again, it was fun, but it put us on our guard for the rest of the day.

Incredible detail.

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